Oops! Now What Do I Do?

In this empowering hands-on class, you will learn knitting surgery to fix common mistakes.  You will learn what can be fixed versus when to frog (rip it) or tink (unknit each stitch).  You’ll even learn how to correct an incorrectly crossed cable! 

Students should be comfortable with the basic knit and purl and be able to make a 2x2 cable. If you have never cabled, you can still take this class; your homework will be modified to not include cables. You will learn all about life lines, ripping, tinking, dropping stitches and picking them back up both knitwise and purlwise. This class is a must for all knitters! There is a homework swatch to knit before class.

Date and Time: 
Saturday - Mar 11, 2017 - 1:30pm - 3:30pm